Crypto Copyright System Product

The Internet is a great opportunity to publicize your work. The Internet art market is expanding its borders every day, but, up to 85% of all works used without a proper license.
The authors suffer huge financial losses, often without suspecting plagiarism and distribution of their work on the vast expanses of the Internet.








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What it is?

Crypto Copyright System Product is an Innovative Market Network a system that includes the interaction of the three main participants in the field of Internet Art: Authors, Subscribers, and Media.

An innovative approach to this area has allowed us to propose a solution redistribution of copyright registration, licensing, and payment process on Blockchain.

The main advantages of the system:


Registration, use, and transfer of copyright work are securely fixed in the Blockchain chain. Holders of rights have the opportunity to receive complete information about the place and purpose of the use of their intellectual property.


Global copyright base with easy license acquisition users, as well as tracking the "life cycle" of their work.

Security and transparency

Blockchain network nodes provide verification, registration, and certification for copyrights and intellectual property, payments, and transactions. With the CCS Global Copyright Registry, we transfer registrations digital copyright to a new level.


Proof of digital
Tracking illegal
use of content
Tracking illegal use
of content

How does it work?

Subscribers, authors, and reputable companies in the field of arts and media can access all the capabilities of the CCS platform and use them outside the traditional channels of promotion, search and distribution, which require unconditional modernization and radical changes.

Blockchain is the foundation of the CCS system, which makes it possible for developing a global, transparent, decentralized copyright registry and digital content.

Token CCS

CCS token connects content creators and customers, as well as facilitates transactions through smart contracts.

Authors set their own licensing terms and prices for content, which eliminates the need for use of intermediary services.

Token Distribution

IEO 100.000.000
Staking Pool 50.000.000
AirDrop 50.000.000
Team 10.000.000
Marketing 20.000.000

Total capitalization 230,000,000 million

Starting price: 10 sat



Creating and developing
a project idea


Analysis of the market
and legal forces. Statistical
data collection


Analysis of author preferences.
Website Creation


Launch of the Website


Preparing to launch IEO


Launch IEO


Prototyping. Alpha testing


Connecting authors and
news media resources to the
platform. Adaptation of
the product


Beta testing of the product


Creating a referral system


Product Advertising Campaign


Platform Entry
into Media Market


Signing of exclusive
contracts with authors


Updating the product register

Our team

Peter Henderson Project founder
William Manning Web Designer
John Bradley Programmer
Alice Williamson Marketer
Paul Patterson IT-specialist


CCS is the undisputed market leader in the field of intellectual property protection, the process of protecting, tracking, and monetizing copyright works, using Blockchain and smart contract technology.